Small can be a beautiful thing…

To suggest that there is a “return to the land” movement underway would be somewhat misleading because the truth of the matter is, many people in the District have never left the land. What we are experiencing is increased interest from new people and younger generations in following a different type of lifestyle then what is afforded by the traditional workplace. Collectively referred to as “Lifestyle Entrepreneurs”, these individuals are seeking a lifestyle change or are interested in running a business but not at the expense of their quality of life. This type of lifestyle is one in which the District is supremely well qualified to assist with and represents compelling opportunities.

“The grass quality here is phenomenal – we don’t irrigate anything and there’s just green grass everywhere.”

Old farmsteads are being purchased and reactivated and new lands made ready for viable berry crops such as the Haskap berry, blueberry, cranberry, and others or to coincide with the demand for organically grown produce. In addition, there are several vineyards now in operation in the District growing grapes for wine production. A wide range of activity can also be found in livestock farming such as dairy, poultry, beef, and sheep.

To support local food production there is an active and growing network of farmer’s markets as well as direct to consumer business models being utilized by the farming community.

Plant farms and greenhouses also play an important role in supplying residents with both decorative plants and food transplants for when the growing season commences.

Many of the locally grown crops are likewise being developed into successful food products.

“Some of the best soils in the world… a nice, long growing season.”

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