Be prepared to be inspired…

Within the District’s various communities resides another type of community… the creative community.

Artists, artisans, and those engaged in the creative aspects of knowledge based industries are drawn to the area. The fuel of their inspiration is perhaps twofold… the inspiration derived from captivating surroundings and that which is found when like-minded creative people have an opportunity to meet and share ideas. Inspiration breeding inspiration!

“The area is full of so many talented people, so many artists… Just a vibrant, wonderful way of life.”

Painters, writers, potters, workers of glass, folk artists, weavers, hookers, and carvers of wood and stone are just some of the examples of creative activities from within the artist and artisan communities.

One of the advantages the District offers to the creative community is a relatively low cost of doing business. The local market in conjunction with a healthy tourism industry and day-trippers from Halifax and area helps to create a sustainable client base.

“There is a relaxation that allows people to come together and have conversations that may not happen elsewhere… There is a lot of cross-pollination of ideas.”

We also have an active knowledge based sector with graphic designers, web developers, photographers, videographers, and audio production studios.

Feeling creative? Get ready to be inspired!

“It’s a local community that really does buy arts and crafts.”