Ready for a change?

What is a lifestyle entrepreneur? The traditional approach is that people choose a career or a job and then fit their lifestyle around it. However a lifestyle entrepreneur typically approaches the situation the other way around. They explore and try to answer the question of what type of life they want first, and then create an entrepreneurial activity which will support that lifestyle.

“The main thing is I enjoy it… I have no problem getting up at 6 in the morning and being at work by 7.”

Lifestyle entrepreneurs are typically less motivated by growth and profits, placing more importance on their quality of life. Like all entrepreneurs, they want their business to be successful but not at the level where the business becomes all consuming.

For many the journey begins with following a personal passion or field of interest and then identifying a business model which will provide a sustainable living. There are no limits on what those activities may be and range from web-based technology businesses, agriculture, manufacturing, to the creative sectors, etc.

What make the District of Lunenburg a great fit for these entrepreneurs is the diversity and quality of lifestyle opportunities which already exist here. Many are seeking the ability to be actively engaged in community life, to raise families in healthy environments with small schools, and exercise their talents. The natural resources and amenities of our region can provide both recreational opportunities as well as entrepreneurial opportunities. Our culture is well established and supportive of small business which provides an existing network for new lifestyle entrepreneurs.

People arrive at becoming a lifestyle entrepreneur from all different paths and at all ages. Some start their lives this way while others decide to make a change. For lifestyle entrepreneurs… It’s HAPPYning Here!

“It allows us to live the lives that we want to lead.”

Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Videos