Live here… work anywhere

Welcome to the land of Makers! The term “Lunenburg County Craftsmanship” is well known and a testament to the talents and capabilities residing in the area.

Here you will find people making traditional products from our natural resources, innovative products using advanced materials, and just about everything in-between. All with an attention to detail and commitment to quality which continue to win awards and recognition for area manufacturers.

“A number of advanced industries bring a lot of technical skills to the area.”

The maker’s spirit can be found in wide ranging trades and sectors. It takes place in home-based facilities just as readily as it does in business parks. From boatbuilding to skateboards, machining to metalwork, sail making to stone carving, construction to lab equipment… it’s happening here!

If you are looking for a place to follow the maker’s path and join a community of kindred spirits we invite you to learn more about the District.

Makers & Manufacturers Videos