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There are 135 communities in the District bearing names handed down from French, Mi’kmaq first nations, German, Swiss, British, Irish, Scottish, and other early settlers who immigrated to our area over the span of some 400 plus years. A story which continues to this day as newcomers discover the District, and in many cases decide to make it their home.

It's a bit of an illusion that we're living so desperately rural, so quaint, but I think that's not true - and that's a secret … A hugely cohesive and diverse community.

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Incredibly diverse, cohesive, and what many merely describe as "it feels like home". You will be surprised how soon you know everyone and make all the connections. Here, people have the time to talk, to have conversations that don’t happen elsewhere. This is an area that brings out the very best in people.

A visitor once commented that "this is Canada 40 years ago". Small, safe communities where people really care for one another. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved with groups and organizations who are happy to have new volunteers join them in making a difference in the community.

Culturally, the area is alive with year-round festivals and events both here in the District as well as in the neighbouring areas. The number of artists, musicians, and creative people packed into such a small area adds vibrancy and character. An unusual collection of people of immense talents actively supported by the community at large.

We like to think our location is the best of both worlds... near enough to the capital city of Halifax (an hour or less) to be convenient, yet far enough away to ensure a more rural quality of life. The adjacent towns of Lunenburg, Mahone Bay, Bridgewater, Chester, Liverpool, and Shelburne add further variety. The District is an excellent location from which to explore all that Nova Scotia has to offer.

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There is a relaxation that allows people to come together and have conversations that may not happen elsewhere… There is something about this area that really brings out the very best in people.

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