Here… you can make a life, not just a living!

Imagine a fuller, more authentic life, closer to nature in a warm and welcoming community. One that offers a better chance to find that elusive work/life balance. Imagine the difference it would make when you can live, work and play all in the same area. Buy your groceries from a farmer’s market – and/or grow your own! Backyards are big and farmland is available.

Nova Scotia enjoys a special charm as Canada’s Ocean Playground and if it weren’t for a small strip of land connecting us to neighbouring New Brunswick it would be an island. As a result, the ocean is never far from sight and here in the District of Lunenburg that reality is readily apparent.

“Probably the last place in the western world where you can enjoy this lifestyle – it’s real; people have time to talk and communicate.”

The District offers affordable land and easy access to the great outdoors. A more rural existence means less clutter, less stress, and less noise. Here there is room to be different.

Whether it’s a 200-year-old, seaside Cape Cod, a rambling farm house (from the days when 10 children was the norm), a lakeside retreat, modern bungalow, or some variation in-between, there are wide ranging and affordable housing options to suit both budget and taste. Not to mention the option of engaging one of the area’s many professional contracting firms to build your very own dream home.

Ours is a long tradition of craftsmanship and care.

You have the space, the time, and the freedom to develop and try new things.

“We didn’t realize how much we were missing in our lives.”

The District is one of the province’s oldest settled areas and we certainly have our share of interesting stories. Even local residents are not always aware that in the early 1630’s the district was home to the first Capital of New France in what was then North America. Inspiring beauty – historic architecture, winding roads that follow hundreds of kilometers of coastline, it’s all here.

In addition to the wide range of activities offered by our great outdoors and varied environments, the residents of the district have access to a number of recreational facilities within the region and surrounding areas. The Lunenburg County Lifestyle Centre is a new $34 million-dollar sport, recreation and community facility with an NHL-sized hockey arena, aquatic facility, a library and other multi-purpose spaces. The centre hosts a number of classes and activities for all ages and activity levels.

“You are creating time for yourself to do things that maybe you wouldn’t have done.”

There is also the Municipal Activity and Recreation Complex (the MARC), which provides the public with a space to enjoy a number of outdoor activities year-round including tobogganing in the winter, hiking and skiing. BMX trails and much more.

The region offers facilities for baseball and soccer, as well as two yacht clubs and the highly-regarded Osprey Ridge Golf Course, an 18-hole championship course created by the internationally recognized golf course architect Graham Cooke.

“Live the dream” every day.