Enjoy what you do, Love where you do it

In the District of Lunenburg, small business is BIG business and here you’ll find a community of inventive, industrious people – filled with entrepreneurial spirit.

There is a good startup culture and the more relaxed way of life means people have time to talk and collaborate. This enables a cross-pollination of ideas on a scale not typically seen in a larger city. When your work calls for creative thinking and innovation this is a great place to clear your mind!

“A lot of skilled workers – there is a tradition of craftsmanship… A lot of advanced industries bring a lot of technical skills to the area.”

This is one of the best places in Canada for solar gain and offers some excellent opportunities for agriculture and food production. Services for retirees and the creative economy are increasing as is the manufacturing base. All of which presents opportunities for a dedicated, productive and loyal workforce who offer diverse skill sets, a strong work ethic and a belief in getting the job done right.

The highly competitive costs of labour within our area are made possible by the relatively low cost of living and provide a powerful economic incentive. Combined with the affordability and availability of land and buildings makes for a compelling business case for doing business here!

“For 20 years we expanded every year – we just started growing. We learned everything by doing.”

We may be rural but we are very much connected. The close proximity to the port of Halifax and international airport provides access to the world when needed. We are well serviced by a modern 100-series highway which provides for the flow of goods and services into and out of the market.

Business owners – we’re all in this together and support each other.

“We built a little cafe to basically put coffee on for the neighbors and things just got carried away…”