Find your SEE legs!

Come experience true natural beauty and rediscover something you perhaps didn’t even know you were missing – the natural world. Here you can exchange the sound of traffic for birdsong, urban sprawl for field and forest, and pollution for fresh air. Family outings become family adventures and you can actually see wild animals without going to a zoo!

“Coastline, beaches, beautiful pasture lands, lots of trails through the woods. A nature lover’s delight.”

Over 600 kilometers of coastline provides captivating vistas ranging from rugged sea-swept cliffs to sun-drenched beaches complemented by numerous islands, coves, and safe harbours. In typical Nova Scotia fashion, the District is dotted with freshwater lakes, rivers and streams.

Our climate is such that you can appreciate each season in its full splendor. From watching spring burst forth with new life, to enjoying long, sun-filled summers, the colourful displays of fall, and the majesty of a snow-covered winter. Each season introduces new opportunities to actively enjoy the great outdoors.

“We like to sail, we’re on the river. I like to golf, there are several good golf courses in the area. If you like catching mackeral you can catch a pile of mackeral very quickly…”

The welcoming climate of our region combined with forest, seashore, and multiple rivers and lakes, provide some of the best entertainment Mother Nature has to offer. Discover your new obsession – fishing, boating, hiking, biking, surfing, or simply explore the parks, beaches, and trails. The District can provide the backdrop for your adventure with a well-established trail network offering scenic views as well as difficulty levels.

Of course there is the simple enjoyment which comes from spending some time on a boat!

“When we lived in the city we would try to go to the ocean once a week but that often became once a month. Here we go once a day.”