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The Economic Development Department’s work focus is to make things possible and easy for you to achieve your business objectives by fostering an environment suitable for the growth of existing businesses and to assist new businesses locate or expand in the District of Lunenburg.
What we do for our existing businesses:

  • Assist with answers/solutions to any questions or issues that pertain to your growth objectives;
  • Provide referrals to appropriate government assistance;
  • Identify and help with red-tape reduction
  • Promote Entrepreneurship
  • Organize and/or support sector development initiatives :tourism, arts and culture, agriculture and food production, forestry, fishing
  • Support Business Networks
  • Source the information and contacts necessary for you to succeed in today’s competitive global economy by expanding your business internationally
  • Facilitate your access to affordable marketing and promotion media
  • Increase awareness of your business and its exposure through marketing initiatives

What we do for the business investor:

The Department offers information on both business and residential investment and provides detailed information to companies wanting to make informed decisions on site selection.

Through partnerships we work to create and maintain an environment conducive to regional development initiatives.
The Economic Development staff can assist clients in all phases of the site selection process.
Our Investment Readiness Asset Inventory and Community Profile, prepared to the highest standards of the industry and easily accessible on our Economic Development web site –, provide all the information one needs for making an investment decision.

We are ready to answer any other questions you may have and be by your side to assist along the whole process
Our Web Sites:

Our Economic Development web site:
Our tourism web site:
Our social media web pages:
Our regional marketing web site

Economic Development:

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